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Slot Punches

ID Online Australia - Friday, June 21, 2013


Slot punches are a great idea if you have an ongoing number of ID cards in use. They eliminate the need to use card holders, as you simply put your card holder clip or lanyard straight through the slot in the card.

ID Online offers three kinds of slot punches:

Slot Punch - 3 in 1

The 3 in 1 versatile punch is great value as it covers all the options. It is uniquely designed to have 3 separate punching functions. A 1/4" (6.35mm) hole punch (great for the snap swivel or karabiner clip), a 14mm x 3mm slot punch (perfect for the alligator clip) & a 3.5mm radius corner cutter. It also comes with an adjustable paper guide.


Slot Punch 1 KG

This desktop slot puncher has a heavy duty frame. It punches a slot 14mm wide and 3mm high. It will punch up to .76mm (standard ID/credit card thickness). It’s very easy to use as it works just like a stapler!


Slot Punch 1 KG with guide

This slot punch is exactly the same as the previous slot punch, but also comes with an adjustable guide. This makes it super easy to get your slot in the centre of the ID Card.

If you have any questions about which slot punch is right for you, please contact us on 1800 552 117 or via our contact page.